Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Evil Theater Part 1

The Evil Theater

Chapter 1

Once there was an evil theater that ate everyone that watched its movies. One day a boy named Jake went to the movie and he went to watch the pirates of the caribbean but something unexpected happened. The ship came out of the screen! Jake ran and ran until he found the exit. But when he went to it, it was locked! "Help!" Jake screamed at the door. Suddenly the pirate ship glided toward him and picked him up. They were heading towards the screen. Then they went in! "I'm not feeling well," said Jake. Then he pased out.

Chapter 2
In the screen

When he came to, he was still on the pirate ship. "Where am I?" He Asked the pirates. The captain said, " Arr, we be in the screen! We be heading to the city of the cinema. Do you want something to eat?" The captain asked Jake. "Ooh! Yes please!" said Jake. "Here's a musli bar," said the captain.

"So," said Jake through mouthfuls of musli bars, "What is this city of the cinema?" The captain said to Jake, "It is the capital of the cinema." Jake said, "Is that good?" "Yes, "said the captain. "And it is not that far away from here."

Monday, May 4, 2015

About me

Hi and welcome to my blog. I hope it has been good so far. Here is some info about me and my family. I am 9 years of age and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. My name is Logan. I have a little sister who is 4 years old. Her name is Isabel. My suburb is Grey Lynn and I hope to keep adding onto this blog. My mum is called Anna and my dad is called Paul.

Friday, May 1, 2015


It was all silent.
I was waiting for the first shell to hit.
Soon I heard a whistling coming towards us.
We were being shot at!
"Run!" Someone yelled.
I started running left.
I barely escaped with my life.
Something exploded behind me.
"Medic!" Someone said.
I sprinted over to them.
They had blood running from their arm.
Another shell came.
I felt a searing pain from behind.
I had been hit.
I saw enemy coming into our trenches.
Then my world went black.